Essential Oils

I am a member of a fabulous team of a Godly group of women, whom believe that there is an essential oil for every thing. I am so excited and blessed to be apart of this team of amazing ladies as I share, love, and express how awesome essential oil really are!


There are so many companies that offer Essential Oils, it took me a while to be sure where to start. Oils are sold in stores, online, through distributors… it’s confusing. But after doing a ton of research (like, six months of combing the web and asking around) I settled on Young Living and could not be happier! Store brands contain fillers and synthetics (as do many of the “reputable” brands sold online and by distributors) but YL oils are PURE. After researching their Seed-to-Seal process of cultivating non-GMO seeds in pesticide-free soil, I knew it was exactly the kind of product I wanted to use. I never imagined I’d be part of the company as a distributor!!
When I started, I simply wanted that awesome 24% wholesale discount so I signed up for their incredible Premium Starter Kit.
11 oils valued at $163, a diffuser that costs $98… and you get them all for $150. Plus, that gets you signed up as a wholesale buyer with a 24% discount – no monthly requirements or minimums. Easy decision for me.
To give you some basic background information …Young Living is simply an essential oil company based in Utah.  They manufacture 100% therapeutic grade essential oils that can be used to treat essentially anything. For me, they have been life changing. I am now apart of a group called the Lemon Drop Lounge which has over 40,000 members. The Lemondrop Lounge is a great resource to ask “What’s the best combo for a tension headache?” “What do you use to lose weight?” “What do you do to sleep better? or snoring?” “What do you use for lower back pain?” etc. And the wealth of info is astonishing!! It’s incredible how the Lord has provided everything we need in plants instead of toxic medicine!
But wait… I know what you’re thinking… HOW?!!! How does it work? What is the science? Or even if you’re not so concerned about the nitty-gritty, I definitely wanted assurance that there was something to this. Here are two awesome resources for the “why” of EOs. As a former pharmaceutical sales rep, I really appreciate the perspective and education provided here…
So, how do I use them myself and what can be done with them?…
I love putting Lemon in my water and drink a few glasses of water with 2-3 drops of lemon in it daily. A popular weight-loss combo is lemon + pepermint, but since peppermint can interfere with milk production in nursing moms it's not recommended until after you have stopped nursing. 
For the skin… Lemon can also be applied topically to blemishes. Along with Purification. Thieves is very strong and will kill a zit immediately and bring it to the surface. Lavender as well. And so can Frankincense. The skin so benefits from these oils, several testimonies come from women who have histories of adult acne and have seen it cleared simply from a few combinations of oils applied (usually mixed as a cream in coconut oil/shea butter).
Grapefruit is a favorite of women in the lounge [I own it also!] for weight loss. You can also add this to your water and it tastes lovely!  One woman just commented that she lost 33 pounds and she’s only been using it since September. Grapefruit can also be diffused or even smelling the scent curbs hunger.
For back pain and people with a history of visits to the chiropractor, Deep Relief is great. It’s a blend of essential oils and it comes in a roll-on glass tube that you can carry anywhere.  The other is valor. Valor is my absolute favorite scented oil! It actually helps to align the spine when applied. Thousands of people can attest to this and have been able to stop going to their chiros.
Valor is also INCREDIBLE for sleep. I apply it to the kids every night. Dilluted in GrapeSeed oil, I rub it on their feet and a little behind their ears. I love to diffuse it at night and it really helps relax us all. I usually put it in the diffuser with Lavender. Many people prefer different things… our bodies are all so unique, it’s fun to find the combo that works best for you.
For those with IBS or upset stomach, peppermint can be rubbed right on your tummy or inhaled. You can even get drop on your finger and press it into the roof of your mouth for immediate relief. It’s great for headaches too, directly applied to the temples.
Juniper oil and Panaway are wonderful for cramps.
For any illness cold, flu, 24 hour bug…the oil to apply is Thieves. It will kill any and all bacteria. Diffusing it, applying it on the feet…women use this over any other medication and it does work. I diffuse it every morning – I’m now addicted to the smell of it and it’s an immediate “get you going” for me. I love to add it in the diffuser with Joy. You can also use Thieves to clean…it is STRONG and it works wonders
Frankincense is wonderful for wrinkles. Women in the lounge are raving about it. I own some Frankincense, but it’s wonderful for EVERYTHING! It’s even anti-tumoral and there are some people who have applied it to their tumors and they have shrunk in size, and completely disappeared. There are several testimonies from women with cancer and there are clinical studies ongoing to study the effects of “Frank.”
Lavender is wonderful for burns, allergies, skin irritations, headaches, asthma…all sorts of things. Lavender can be pretty much used in any and all instances.  It is said to be the most versatile of all the oils.

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