Dec 20, 2014

We Are Moving


(via: Charlotte NC webpage)

Yes, you read that correctly, Mr. Mason and I are officially moving to Charlotte North Carolina at the beginning of the new year! That's right, we have to be in Charlotte BEFORE January 5th 2015 due to his job transferring.

I also have been accepted to the UNC, Baby Mason arrives this Summer as well, so we made the decision to move while we were still in our second trimester and get settled prior to our sweet babe arriving.

Mr. Mason is no stranger to Charlotte considering this is his home and where he grew up. But I have never been here before nor have I ever visited. So this is going to be super brand new for me. I will not lie, I'm a little nervous traveling to a new place pregnant and having to start all over again with searching for an OBGYN, eye doctor, dentist, pretty much everything.

Needless to say, I will most likely be defusing Peace & Calm Essential Oil in my necklace for this four plus hour(s) (I'll probably have to make several potty breaks) adventure. This preggo does not travel comfortably...

On another note:

Due to school already in session, my other two little people will be finishing out the school year where they are now and staying with their dad until Mr. Mason and I get established and settled . Mr. Webber and I did come together on a co-parenting plan (children of divorce). They will come to Charlotte on their Spring and Summer break, alternate Holidays and Birthdays, every other week I will come down to Tennessee for the weekend and then later we will discuss with the kids where and who they want to live with.

There are also other matters to this situation that are stressing me out, but due to it's nature, I will have touch on that at a later date. Right now I am praying for God to grant me grace and strength while I deal with the situation.

I started to make a post about this situation yesterday, however, every time I went to type even a sentence I ended up in tears. So I'm really just trying to stay positive and pray that God will grant me some sort of peace in the matter.

So with all of that said, I will end this blog post with a bible verse:

"She is clothed with strength
& dignity and laughs 
without fear of the future." 
-Proverbs 31:25


  1. Aw Charlotte is so much fun but that is tough too! Good luck with the move!!

    1. Aw thank you Claire! When ever you and your family are up this way let me know and we can meet up and have a coffee!