Oct 19, 2014

Big News ...

This has taken me a while to type this all up, I was always told that you should always wait three days before you send a sensitive letter to someone.....after many weeks and bursting at the seems, here is my sensitive letter to you all.

So to all my close friends who don’t know any of this, I am so sorry that I couldn't tell you or even in person for that matter. I had to wait and tell everyone this way because I didn't want to run the risk of having someone mention it on Facebook or anywhere else before I had a chance to tell everyone. But here it goes: I am expecting another precious little baby.

First off, this was not something that I had currently planned out in my life at this moment in time. This came at such a shock for us both. However, I am very excited about this new little baby on the way. As you probably know (or may not know) I have been seeing someone for a little bit now. I know that God knew this little one would be here long before I did, and that He already has wonderful plans for this precious little being with dreams, hopes, and a little personality all their own.

I’m not condoning my actions, but I know that I am forgiven because I asked God to forgive me. My family is understanding, loving and totally supportive. My kids are all so excited! Everyone has the potential to make mistakes in life and because of the greatest gift God has given mankind, we can be forgiven. Grace and mercy are more wonderful than can be put in words.

On the other hand, this truly breaks my heart that I would be an example of what “not-to-do” but if this reaches one young woman and shows her how to avoid the mistake that I have made, I will be glad. If this reaches one young woman who needs to be encouraged to be strong and do the right thing, protecting your heart from the pain I've had to go through, I will be so glad.

I pray that you all can take away form this, that I am human and that I make mistakes. I am not a perfect character from a movie, or someone that tries to hide my mistakes and pretend that I am perfect. And I've made real mistakes and I hope so much, that me being so open and honest with you will let you see how hard it is to face these mistakes. I will continue to learn from my mistakes and I truly pray that my mistakes can save you heartache as you learn from mine.

One mistake doesn't need to turn into two mistakes....I won't ever judge someone who's had an abortion because I have seen the lifelong pain that can result from it. Sometimes it’s hard when we are scared of the unknown, one could think that an abortion is a solution, but what you truly think you are saving yourself from could be the very thing that will save or even change your life.

We should never live in fear of the judgement of others, the only one who counts is God and his mercy and forgiveness are always waiting there. I ask that before anyone decides to leave me a judgmental comment, that they’d think about what it’s like to be in someone else’s shoes first.

No one has ever lived a perfect life, we have all made mistakes. There is a wise book that says, “only you who are without any sin (which could be as little as a lie you told, a rude thing you said, or angry thought you had in your mind) shall cast the first stone. We will be judged in the same way we have judged others and shouldn't we aspire to treat others as we would want to be treated. What if we all showed each other grace in this life we have so little time to live. If we all got what we “deserved” for all our bad thoughts, unkind comments, dishonesty, selfishness, and bad choices...well, we’d all be in pretty bad shape.

Please know, that I am excited about this baby, every life is a blessing and I cannot wait to show you this little precious one when he or she arrives in June.

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